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Welcome to the home of the Iron Wolves!

The Iron Wolves is a squad of like minded Battleground Europe players that are dedicated to teamwork, comraderie, and a positive game environment. We are a GHC affiliated squad with many of our members having held positions throughout most levels of the chain of command. A number of our esteemed members have even been part of CRS's volunteer and paid staff!

There are many resources on our site that are at your disposal including, but not limited to, Battleground Europe game links, news service, reference and training materials, and forums for discussion (registration required to participate). Most of our resources do not require registration on our site, but we like to hear from our friends and guests so please register yourself and stop by the forum to say, "Hi".

Returning Players

Returning friends and members of our squad will notice that our site changed during their time away. If you already had an account on our old forums, you should be able to access that account again! However, all accounts had their password reset as part of our conversion to the new site and forums.

Your password must be reset using the "Forgot your password" link at the very bottom right hand side of the page.

If you are still unable to recover your account due to a stale email address or other issue, please contact Senior Command staff by email at the address found at the bottom of this page.

New Registrants

Please use your in game handle when creating your new account. If you intend to apply for membership in the Iron Wolves, it is required that your forum handle and game handle match exactly. Those without a game account and therefore a game handle, please use a name that you are likely to have in game should you get a trial or paid membership.


Any questions or problems related to our site should be directed to Senior Command staff at the address below:

srcommand (at)

Please make yourself at home!